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Hydrogen/ Argon/ Helium gases recovery system


Exhaust gas produced by the annealing furnace system first flow through the pretreatment unit (dry method or water leaching) to remove dust, most oil and other impurities in the exhaust gas, and then flow through the gas-water separator to remove a large amount of water and some oil.

The roots blower will then pressurize the gas into the deaerator to remove oxygen and generating water and releasing a lot of heat. This purified gas then flows through cooler and condenser and gas-water separator to remove water. Then pass through a filter to remove oil, and to complete the purification process the gas will flow through another dryer to further remove the balance of oil, water, carbon dioxide. The purity of Hydrogen will flow into annealing furnace system via pressure regulating unit.

Technical Index

● Originated by Since Gas company, won the national invention patent, patent No.: ZL2011 10318110.9
● Equipment operating automatically, no workers needed in the whole production process.
● High recovery efficiency, the hydrogen recovery rate can be up to 80%, verified by end users.
● Compact construction, advanced high-tech process, safe and reliable, low consumption