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PSA Hydrogen Generator


PSA hydrogen generator is based on mixed air which contains hydrogen gas (ammonia gas, methanol reforming , natural gas reforming) as raw material air, by using special molecular sieves, taking PSA(pressure Swing Adsorption) principle to make hydrogen gas. Because the different of adsorption and diffusion rate between H2 molecule and N2 molecule, through PLC automatically control the valves, ensuring the pressurized adsorption and depressurized regeneration. The complete circle of this operation resulting in the separation of hydrogen and hydrogen gas.

Technical Index

● Fast operating, provide qualified hydrogen gas within 15~30 minutes.
● Equipment operating automatically, no workers needed in the whole production process.
● The highly performance modecular sieves are compactly filled, resulting in longer life span.
● Tailor made the hydrogen generator according to customers’ individual project specifications and requirements, with high capacity, pressure and purity ranges.
● Compact construction, advanced high-tech process, safe and reliable, low consumption.
● Raw Material Air:
● Pressure ——10~30bar
● Dew Point —— ≤10℃
● Oil content —— ≤0.003mg/m3
● Raw material air capacity —— Depends on the hydrogen gas capacity and purity
● Hydrogen Gas:
● Pressure —— ≤30bar
● Dew point —— ≤-70℃
● Purity —— 99%~99.9995%
● Capacity —— 5~5000Nm3/hr